Detroit is poo

So, it’s great to see comments left by dodgers and detroit fans on yesterday’s posting.  Dodgers are looking GREAT right now, so you should be very confident in their ability to beat the Mets.  As for Detroit, you are going to get shut down tonight by the Big Unit.  He’s going to have one of those starts where he’s ragging on the mound, spitting all over himself and swearing, punching himself in the chest.  He might even kill a batter, who knows.  Yanks are winning this series, plain and simple.  I remember one time when they were down 0-2 to Oakland in Oakland, and still won.  And Oakland was a better team then than Detroit is now.  Besides, Detroit is a s**thole of a town that smells like urine and diesel.  I hate Detoit.  I hate Michigan.  I hate the Lions, Wolverines, Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, etc.  I hate Pudge Rodriguez.  The guys was an obvious victim of the "I cleaned up my diet and lost 25lbs. in an off-season" syndrome and no one says anything.  I hate Magglio and his brillo pad afro hair poof.  Remember that female rapper Rage from the early 90’s?  "I rock rough and stuff with my afro puffs.  RAGE!!! Rock on with your bad self."  That’s Magglio’s theme song.  Eminem has turned into a pop sensation, with the worst songs in the world.  His last CD may have been the worst ever created.  Kid Rock is pure trash, and is number 9,030,009,231 on Pam’s "list."    Tigers are going NOWHERE!!!!!!!! 




    detroit is poo, are you kidding me, the yankees play in the bronx, there is no bigger %$#!hole in the world than the bronx, well maybe harlem, but its way to close to call, all of nyc smells like garbage and b.o., now to baseball, 1.the big unit is gonna get rocked, 2. a-rod is gonna have another 0 for night, maybe sheff or giambi can give him some roids, my guess is even if the yanks beat the tigers, the arent gonna win the AL or the series, and steinbrenner is gonna clean house, the only current yankees who will play at the new stadium are jeter and can, And on that point isnt funny that fenway is gonna outlast yankee stadium

  2. John

    Yeah, I know the Bronx is a dive. It’a joke, I’m glad you’re ok with it. By the way, Sheff and Giambi aren’t the only former roid users in the league. Like I said earlier, I think Congress got a hold of Pudge. And if my history serves me correctly, Tiger stadium has been no existent for a few years, right?


    Tiger Stadium was a dump, it didnt have anywhere near the history of yankee stadium…its the house that ruth built right, i just think its sad that they are gonna leave, and i hate the yankees


    Idaho is Spud fertilizer POO.

    Most cities and metro areas have poo in them, but I bet Idaho has a lot of poo-fertilizer for growing those potatoes that you must have growing outta’ your ears. Spuds, spuds, spuds and duds in NY Idaho Land of spuds and duds. Tigers won 8-3!!!

    Don’t forget that a few years ago in about 2000, the Yankees lost 17 of their last 19 games and went on to win the World Series I believe. this year the Tigers had a huge slump and went 19-31 for their last 50 games, but the Twins just won the Division by 1 game.

    If the Yankees’ Management, aka George S., take your ‘overhaulin’ team restructuring advice they will destroy the great team they already have.



    At least we are still playing baseball in our shi*hole.

    I love how much the rest of the country hates Detroit sports fans…obviously because two of our sports teams have been good/great for the past 8 years, and even our bad squads (Tigers, Lions) have great, hard nose fans that travel with them everywhere. Hey USA, WE’RE EVERYWHERE! YOU’LL NEVER GET RID OF US!

    -PS. You’re wife is very attractive…good work!


    This article is a joke to read back on, Yankees got spanked, 200 mill doesn’t buy you **** anymore huh? And Tiger Stadium a shithole? That was the longest running stadium of any in the history of baseball I believe. Have fun with your late exit next year…

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