I’m ashamed.  I’m embarrased.  I’ve never seen a team look so ready to call it a day and roll over to die.  I’m mad.  I’m angry.  With that said, I’m still wearing my Yankees tshirt with my "NY" logo tattoo underneath still on my right shoulder.  The Tigers kicked our *** and deserve alot of credit.  They looked like they really wanted to win, the Yanks looked like they really wanted to go home.  Here comes winter, here comes NBA basketball, woo f**king hoo. 

It’s time to overhaul this team.  I hear the rumors of Torre leaving.  I really hope that’s not where they start.  If it is, however, I hope they don’t bring in Sweet Lou.  Give me a manager who’s been there and knows how the Yankees win championships, give me Joe Girardi if they are going to cut loose Torre.

As far as the team, they need a great core with accenting pieces.  That’s what we had during the 90’s.  A great core of guys, with a few interchangable parts here and there.  Core guys for next years roster would be Jeter, Posada, Cano, Damon, Abreu, Matsui.  If I was Brian Cashman, this is what I would do.

1) Trade A-Rod, Jaret Wright and cash/prospect to the Angels for Ervin Santana, John Lackey and Scott Shields.  The Angels want another bat, we need pitching.  Instantly the Yanks rotation would have 3 very good starters all under the age of 30 with Wang, Lackey, and Santana.  Shields would help mend a weakend bullpen.  Would the Angels go for it, I don’t know.  Offer them any starting pitcher except Wang. 

2) Trade Giambi and cash to the Twins for Dennys Reyes and Carlos Silva.  Twins need another big bat, how bout a greasy DH?  Twins already have an outstanding 1b, no need to worry about Giambi playing there.  Yanks get two guys who can further strengthen the pen.

3) Send Farnsworth and Carlos Silva to the Braves for Adam LaRoche.  Braves have a worse bullpen than the Yanks, and Farnsworth has already been there.  Adam LaRoche, who is that you say?  He’s a 26 year-old first baseman that hit .285/32/90.  He k’s alot, but Giambi does too, plus he can actually play 1b. 

4) Don’t pick up Sheff’s option.  I love Sheff.  I think he gives team a bit of attitude and swagger, but he looked lost in the series against the Tigers, and really there is no room for him.  Sorry Sheff, you’re still my boy. 

5) Let Mussina walk.  This rotation is old, needs to get younger. 

5) DH Johnny Damon/Matsui, put Melky in CF.  Damon’s arm is awful.  Teams run on him no matter what.  The Yanks need to improve their defense.  Plus, I liked the way the team played when Melky was in there.  He brought a youthful excitement to the team, which was not there in the playoffs.  You could platoon Damon/Matsui in LF, since Damon’s range is better, but Matsui’s arm is better. 

6) Sign Aramis Ramirez.  Ramirez has an option right now with the Cubs to either continue to play for them or become a free agent.  Get on the phone with him today and tell him if he becomes a F/A, the Yanks will sign him.  You’re basically getting the same production as Arod this year, with fewer SO and E.  Ramirez hit .291/38/119.

7) Hope Pavano can rehab himself and make good on his contract.  If he ever got his act together, he’d be ok in the rotation.  We’re stuck with Johnson unless he retires, so your potential starting 5 would look like.

  1. 1) Wang
  2. 2) Santana
  3. 3) Lackey
  4. 4) Johnson
  5. 5) Pavano/Lidle

2007 projected lineup:

  1. 1) Damon D/H
  2. 2) Jeter SS
  3. 3) Abreu RF
  4. 4) Ramirez 3B
  5. 5) Matsui LF
  6. 6) Cano 2B
  7. 7) LaRoche 1B
  8. 8) Posada C
  9. 9) Cabrera CF

Still a pretty formidable lineup, only cheaper and younger than 2006.  You’ve got some speed with Damon, Jeter, and Cabrera.  Power with Ramirez and Matsui.  Cano and Abreu can hit the gaps.  LaRoche and Posada can pop a few out as well.  I know that those proposed trades probably wouldn’t work out just like that, but you get the idea.  If anyone can get a hold of Brian Cashman, send this to him so he has a roadmap of where to begin.  I need a drink, here’s hoping 2007 is #27!



  1. Felix

    And you know what, it could happen, as A-Rod has been courted by Anahiem since the trade deadline. And you know what? Good riddance.

  2. Jason

    If Torre ends up going, which i don’t think is the answer, I’m with you. I’d rather see Girardi back in Pinstripes. In seeing him as a YES analyst and with what he did with Marlins, he’d be great for the job. And like you said, he’s been there.

    I too am still wearing my Yankee gear.



  3. nettle1@georgiasouthern.edu

    the reason shef looked loss is cause he was coming off injury i think instead of getting laroche we keep shef let him work at first over the offseason and he will be a force next year. i like all of ur other trade ideas though

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