Torre’s still standing

Well Joe Torre endured a weekend of stomach aches and pains so that he can continue to manage for the Yanks.  I’m very happy that Torre will be back, and because it is his final year of his contract, I expect it to be his last.  Now that the managerial situation has been addressed, it’s time to move onto the roster moves.

I’ve been thinking of ways to improve the roster, and a name no one has really brought up is Matsui.  I think the Yanks should consider moving Matsui, because they have a left-fielder in waiting in Cabrera, and I know there are a bunch of teams that would be interested in Matsui’s bat.  Giambi is probably not able to be moved unless the Yanks pay a big portion of his contract, and really he’s a DH.  If Matsui was traded, he could bring in a top-quality starter, plus make room for Melky.  They could move Damon to LF, and put Melky in CF because he has a better arm.  They would still have a potent offense, allow Melky to continue to develop, and gain a very good pitcher.  I love Matsui, but Giambi’s hefty pricetag and potential health issues prevent the Yankees from doing much with him.  Maybe they could even swap him for a quality 1b who can play "D".  I’m still a fan of trading A-Rod, and I think A-Rod is interested in it too.  I think his "I’m not going anywhere, I want to succeed in NY" is more show than anything.  I think he wants to save face and not let everyone know he couldn’t hack it.  The other thing it looks like the Yanks are going to do is pick up Sheff’s option and offer him as trade bait for pitching as well.  Seems like a smart idea, that way the Yanks get to choose where he goes, keeping him out of Boston.  I’m anxious, I need hotstove action.  Here’s to #27 in ’07!


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