Trading A-Rod, fixing the Yanks, etc….

I’m hearing alot of rumblings and grumblings that the Yanks should keep A-Rod because he’s a great player and it would be foolish to trade a HOF player in his early 30’s and so on.  I agree, A-Rod is a great player,  in fact, he’s a once-in-a-lifetime player.  When A-Rod’s career is complete, he will go down as one of the best to ever play the game, and will probably be ahead of Aaron and Bonds for career HR.  We all will be the one’s telling our kids and grandkids about when we saw A-Rod play and his 3 HR/10 RBI game against Anahiem.  With that said, the Yankees don’t need A-Rod, and while is value is still high, should listen to offers for him.  They need to do that now.  Why?  I’ll give you the case for trading him.

1) His value is still very high.  GM’s around the league will look at his defensive play and post-season waffling and say he had an off-year, like any other player.  However, let’s say A-Rod does stay in the Bronx next year and has another terrible year defensively and puts up some subpar offensive numbers to his standards.  His value will have decreased, and he’s become another year older.   Face it, if he stays and plays through next season, it’s not going to be easier for him.  The boos aren’t suddenly going to become cheers.  October is when he will get the fans on his side, and to make it to October he as to make it April-September.

2) Torre has no confidence in him, nor does his team.  Why did Arod bat 6th, then 8th in the playoffs?  It wasn’t to put less pressure on him, it was because Joe has no confidence in his ability to deliver.  Well, Joe’s back, so now A-Rod is going to have to earn the confidence of his manager, and we have all seen how A-Rod responds to pressue.  Furthermore, his teamates have no confidence in him.  He’s not the most liked guy in that clubhouse, and he’s not making any new friends with his play.  Remember the Dyansty years?  Those guys were a team.  They went to war for each other and trusted each other.  These guys don’t trust A-Rod.

3) The Yankees don’t need him.  Is this team really lacking offensive firepower?  No.  Let’s take A-Rod out of the lineup, and put in me.  So now I’m playing 3rd for the Yankees.  Is the offense going to take a major hit because A-Rod is gone?  Nope, because the other 8 guys can still mash.  People will recount his numbers, but look where the guys hits in the lineup, and who’s in front of him.  Damon, Jeter, Abreu?  Of course he’s going to get RBI’s. 

4) Pitching wins championships.  Lets revisit the Dyansty years of the Yanks.  Who was playing 3rd base?  Scott Brosius.  Career Stats-.257Avg/141HR/531 RBI.  Those are CAREER stats for 11 seasons in the bigs.  IN ’96, it was Boggs, who’s a great player and HOF’er, but he’s no A-Rod offensively.  Why did that team win?  Pitching.  Clemens, Petitte, Wells, Cone, Rivera, Nelson, Stanton, El Duque, Mendoza.  The Yanks had guys like Paul O’Neil, Tino, Chad Curtis, Jim Leyritz, Chili Davis, Knoblauch.  Could an order made up of those guys compare to 2006 lineup?  Nope.  But a team made up of that staff and that lineup would be the 2006 version everytime.  Guess what trading A-Rod could bring in?  Pitching.  The Cubs I think are going to sign Lou Pinella to be their new manager, and when that happens I think you’ll see that’s where A-Rod goes for Zambrano. 

5) It’s best for both parties.  Since the Yanks lost, I’ll I’ve seen on BBTN and Sportscenter is A-rod, A-rod, A-rod.  He doesn’t need the constant questions and speculation, and neither do the Yankees.  You think his teamates like the questions and the coverage of him?  **** no they don’t.  Neither does A-Rod.  The organization doesn’t enjoy it either.  What would happen if A-Rod was on the Twins and they lost?  Would it be this constant coverage?  No, there wouldn’t. 

6) The free agent market.  Soriano and Carlos Lee are expected to get some mega deals this offseason, for 13-15 mil a year.  A-Rod is being paid 16 mil by the Yanks, because Texas is paying the other 9.  Basically a steal for a player of his caliber and talent.  Plus, he’s got 4 years left on his contract, where Lee and Soriano are going to be looking for longer deals. 

These are a few reasons why the Yankees should trade A-Rod this offseason.  I think they will, and I think it will work out great for both parties.  Everyone seems to realize that the Yanks need starting pitching and bullpen help, but they don’t realize A-Rod could be a very valuable piece to bring that in.  They can’t just sign everyone as a FA. 

The other thing that I really, really hope the Yanks do next year is make Melky a full-time player.  I think he was very important to the Yanks success this year, and it would be very costly to sit him most of the year as a back-up and slow his development. 


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