Do or Die

Well today’s a big day to say the least.  Personally, I’m not that worried.  I’m still very confident in the Yanks to win this series.  I know Jaret Wright is not who we would like most on the mound, but when he was a kid with Cleveland he pitched some pretty big games.  I think the lineup is going to bust out tonight in a big way. 

Couple sad things happened yesterday.  First, Buck O’Neil, famed Negro Leaguer and great ballplayer died last night.  He was the first black coach in the majors, and should be in the Hall of Fame.

The other occurred during the Twins/A’s game when Brad Radke was taken out, torn labrum and broken shoulder and all, effectively ending his career.  Radke was a staple for the Twins during their recent resurgence, and pitched with a torn labrum and broken shoulder!  Tough guy, too bad his career ended with a playoff loss.

It’s time to get nasty.  No more pussyfooting around, the sticks need to come loose and crush the Tigers.  Let’s Go Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!



So now I’m feeling so great and excited after game 3, it’s time for a couple pics.

Img_0374_2 Me and my hot wife after the third game in Seattle.  I’m a very lucky man!!

Img_0455 Our kids, always up to no good.

Img_0447 The "Blue Turf" in Boise.  Everyone is calling a BCS buster this year, we’ll see.

Img_0405 Finally, my favorite, Jonathon Papelbon and his man purse in downtown Seattle before he gets on the bus to Safeco.

Dear Cyn

For whatever reason, I can’t seem to leave a comment on your page.  So I’ll just go ahead and post one here.  As far as this tombstone shirt, you’re not exactly a prodigy genius yourself there RSC.  You sure like to let everyone know how dumb they are when they leave comments, but you say, "since MLB ‘owns’ the Red Sox logo" you’re not convinced that they had any part of the approval of this shirt, implying that MLB can do whatever it wants with the Sox logo without the Sox knowing it.  However, you say directly underneath that, "MLB and the Yankees chose to represent the Red Sox with a headstone."  Tell me, how is it that MLB will do something without the direct opinion of the Red Sox when using their logo, but obviously work hand-in-hand with the Yankees directly to make such a shirt?  Your blind rage for the Yankees and their fans is ridiculous.  People so full of hate and rage live very unhappy lives, don’t you know that?  You need to relax.  We all know you hate the Yankees, we got it.  I hate the Red Sox, but I’m not going to spend every day of my life writing it on the internet for people to read.  It’s a bit over the top.  This "disgusting" post looks like you’re so hellbent on bashing the Yankees you’ll go fishing for anything.  I’m sure after 9/11 Boston fans were still running their mouth about the Yankees after 3000 people died in Manhattan.  I heard people say stuff like, "It’s so stupid how everyone says it’s destiny for the Yankees to win the WS after the tragic events of 9/11."  I don’t think New Yorkers went crazy saying how "disgusting" and "cold-hearted" that was.  Like Tommy says, you’re a fan of baseball, right?  Chill out and enjoy the playoffs.  It’s fun to talk a little smack here and there to each other, but come on. 

On that note, Go Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Detroit is poo

So, it’s great to see comments left by dodgers and detroit fans on yesterday’s posting.  Dodgers are looking GREAT right now, so you should be very confident in their ability to beat the Mets.  As for Detroit, you are going to get shut down tonight by the Big Unit.  He’s going to have one of those starts where he’s ragging on the mound, spitting all over himself and swearing, punching himself in the chest.  He might even kill a batter, who knows.  Yanks are winning this series, plain and simple.  I remember one time when they were down 0-2 to Oakland in Oakland, and still won.  And Oakland was a better team then than Detroit is now.  Besides, Detroit is a s**thole of a town that smells like urine and diesel.  I hate Detoit.  I hate Michigan.  I hate the Lions, Wolverines, Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, etc.  I hate Pudge Rodriguez.  The guys was an obvious victim of the "I cleaned up my diet and lost 25lbs. in an off-season" syndrome and no one says anything.  I hate Magglio and his brillo pad afro hair poof.  Remember that female rapper Rage from the early 90’s?  "I rock rough and stuff with my afro puffs.  RAGE!!! Rock on with your bad self."  That’s Magglio’s theme song.  Eminem has turned into a pop sensation, with the worst songs in the world.  His last CD may have been the worst ever created.  Kid Rock is pure trash, and is number 9,030,009,231 on Pam’s "list."    Tigers are going NOWHERE!!!!!!!! 

Step Back From That Ledge My Friends!!!

Ok, before everyone is ready to panic because the Tigers won a game in the Bronx, let’s all remember that Velander is a stud who brings it, and the Yanks left 100 million runners on base.  Also, before everyone jumps on ARod for his bases loaded backward "K" Sheff left some runners on, so did our MVP, and Robbie Cano forgot how to hit.  Let’s all take a deep breath, we’re facing Kenny "I love cameramen" Rogers in Game 3.  In case you are unaware, Kenny doesn’t do so hot against the Yanks.  There is no way the Tigers are going to shut down this lineup for 3 games.  Take a deep breath, let’s shut down the engines while we recharge the batteries, stay focused, keep our eyes on the prize, and let’s close some ***.  Noted!

1 Down, 10 to go!

My goodness, if any of you back in NY got to go to that game last night, I am very jealous of you.  What I wouldn’t give to be in NY for an October game.  Anyway, what a game.

Wang looked good, as I knew he would be, and that’s why I have to wonder why Torre took him out when he did.  He looked like he was on cruise control, with ice in the blood.  I would have left him in, but that’s why Joe is the manager.  The bullpen got me sweating a little bit, mainly because Farnsworth needs to man up and throw that gas for strikes.  1 win down, 10 to go.  I am hoping tonight for Zumaya and Verlander to attempt and throw gas by Sheff, and watch him crush both of them. 

I hope everyone watching got a good look at Derek Jeter.  You know, the most overrated player in the majors.  5-5, 2 2b HR.  Not a bad night.  The Yankees are winning the series this year because Jeter will not let them do anything else.  The guy is a machine.  Everyone be thankful for the opportunity to watch Jeter play in October.  Bobby was a stud, Sheff is pumped up, looking like he wants to fight someone, and Arod is, well, Arod.  He did hit the ball hard a couple times that were outs.  Giambi looks like a drug dealer living in some trailer in the Las Vegas desert without A/C.  How can this guy sweat so much sitting on the bench?  Nevertheless, he delivered.  If they ever remake "The Outsiders" Giambi should play the part Dallas "Dally" Winston, originally played by Matt Dillon.  I can see Giambi now, "We’re gonna do it man, we’re gonna do it for Johnny!" 

Anyways, good game, I can’t wait for game 2.   10 to go!

Finally, It’s Here!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve written in the blog, because the Yankees were on cruise control and I didn’t have much to say.  However, the big day has finally arrived, and I’m jacked up for this!  I just want to give a special "hello" to Tiger’s pitcher Nate "Gum Time" Robertson.  I left a little message for you on your blog, hope you read it before game time!  Anyway, I’m feeling it this year.  I wasn’t last year, but this year I’m feeling it.  Wang is starting game one, and his heart rate maybe up to 60 bpm instead of 50.  The guy is cool as ice, and I know he’s going to throw a great game.  Alot of so called "experts" are questioning having Sheff play first with Wang throwing groundball after groundball, but are you going to tell me Giambi is a better first baseman?  I don’t think so.  The lineup is sick, and will wear out a pitching staff quickly.  It’s game time kiddies, strap on your game faces and put on some pinstripes, it’s going to be an October to remember!